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by Joe and Sue Patton on www.pauleyspups.com
3 Maltese

We have purchased 3 Maltese from Pauley's. Our first boy Chester in 2001, our second boy Cooper in 2004 and our newest boy Scooter in 2016. Healthy dogs all three. Sweetest, loving and ADORABLE dogs. Great with cats, children and other dogs. We will purchase again, for sure. Highly recommended.

by Linda Helsel on www.pauleyspups.com
Wonderful dogs

In September 2002, I purchased a Shih-Poo from Pauley's Pups and named him Sammy. He was a wonderful, sweet, loyal dog and lived to be 14 years and 7 months old. I will be forever grateful that I found Pauley's Pups and was able to take home one of the best dogs I ever had. I plan on visiting them in the near future to bring home another little baby.

by Elaine on www.pauleyspups.com

We purchased our Bichon Lucy 11 years ago and she has been a well adjusted dog..We love her dearly. 3 years ago we purchased a yorkie, we named Duke and he is SO SMART. When we went to look Duke had a brother and sister. The sister was sold, many times I wished we had bought Dukes brother,also.

by Sandra on www.pauleyspups.com

We obtained an Ori-Pei from Pauley's Pets. Mr. Pauley is the most compassionate and honest man I have ever dealt with. The puppy is healthy, happy and has been a true saviour to our family. No one ever knows your reason for walking through that door weather it be happiness, just love for animals or you have endured a loss of human or fur family. I encourage anyone who truly wants a loving and healthy pet please contact Mr. Pauley for a true and wonderful experience. He will be true to his word and stands by his love and guarantee of all his fur babies. Also a big shout out to Lillie your compassion and friendliness will forever be in our hearts.

by Karlo & Paul on www.pauleyspups.com
Bruiser - Pomeranian

Our sweet Pomeranian, Bruiser, has brought so much joy and happiness into our home. We purchased him at 10 weeks old, and it has been a true blessing. I will honestly admit, we originally were hesitant and skeptical to purchase vs. adopt a puppy, but when we saw his photo on the website, we fell instantly in love. Most importantly, our Jack Russell, Cocoa, found a new best friend and partner in crime. The two of them are inseparable and enjoy each others company. Bruiser is 100% healthy and when we picked him up, he was well groomed and just ready to go to his new home. We are truly thankful for this experience so far, and look forward to so many more years with Bruiser. The pups at Pauleys Pups truly deserve loving homes, and any pup would be lucky to have had the experience Bruiser has had thus far. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a new furry addition to their family! Thank you Pauleys Pups!

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