Maltese Puppies and Small Breed Dogs for Sale in Ashland VA

For over 27 years, Pauley’s Pups has been the small breed puppy business of choice in Ashland and the greater Richmond metropolitan area of Virginia. As members of the Better Business Bureau since 1997, Pauley’s Pups is committed to providing our customers with loveable and healthy puppies at extremely competitive prices.

Lovable companions, gentle-mannered and affectionate are the characteristics displayed by the Maltese. These tiny dogs have been serving as man’s best friend since the beginning of time and their friendly and sweet demeanor will quickly win over any heart. At Pauley’s Pups, we have Maltese puppies and small breed dogs for sale in Ashland VA and will use our experience to help you find the best pup for you.

About the Maltese

Maltese puppies are a true representation of elegance and grace with their long, thick silky coat. They are very friendly to humans and animals alike and require a lot of human attention. They are great for living in an apartment or condo with their weight normally being less than seven pounds and growing to lengths shorter than ten inches. They are very active but don’t require a lot of effort to get them in shape. These intelligent dogs learn quickly, especially when rewarded for their efforts. Their small size and make-up make them very delicate.

We at Pauley’s Pups have been pairing pups with families for many years and are committed to helping you find the pup which suits you best. All our Maltese puppies and small breed dogs for sale in Ashland VA are sourced from reputable and certified dog breeders. Due diligence is done to ensure that our puppies are healthy and as always you can expect the most affordable price.

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