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Toy and Small Dog Breeds for Sale in Fredericksburg, VA

At Pauley’s Pups, we believe that every home is made better by a lovable toy or small dog breed puppy. However, deciding on the right breed can be difficult for anyone. That’s why we work with you to help you find the right puppy for your family.

We have plenty of breeds that you can choose from, including the following:


Despite their small size, Chihuahuas have a big personality. With their sassiness and pride, they will bring a lot of charm and character into any household.


With their long and silky coats, Maltese dogs are a beautiful breed. They’re also extremely docile and incredibly affectionate, making them a perfect companion.


These little fluffballs are full of energy. Playful, sociable, and intelligent, you won’t get bored with Pomeranians.


Similar to Maltese, Shih-Tzus have long, flowing coats that give them a very attractive appearance. Intelligent and friendly, it’s no wonder that these dogs have been favorites of Chinese nobility for generations.

Toy Poodles

Most Poodles stand at 15 inches tall or higher, but Toy Poodles are much smaller, standing no more than 10 inches tall. While they may be small, Toy Poodles nonetheless are incredibly athletic and smart.

Boston Terriers

Often referred to as the “American Gentleman,” Boston Terriers are distinguished and proud. They have an intelligent and friendly demeanor that will charm any potential owner.


Who can refuse the adorable, squished face of a Pug? Their broad, muscular features contrast with their quiet and docile personality, making them a truly complex breed.


Here at Pauley’s Pups, we believe that we can help you find the perfect companion for you and your family. Don’t believe us? Then just take a look at what some of our customers have said, below, or give us a call at 804-798-7877 to learn more!

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 68 reviews
by Melissa F. on www.pauleyspups.com

I purchased my Teddy Bear (Shih Chon) last week, and my family and I are over the moon! We had a great experience working with Ashley and Nora from Pauley's Pups. They were both incredibly informative, patient and so friendly. My youngest 3 children have already bonded with our puppy, and our 2 college kids can't wait to meet her next week when they come home for spring break. We had such a great experience with Pauley's Pups, that we are definitely going back to get a companion for our puppy! She is beautiful, has a wonderful temperament, and in perfect health.

by Mashia Owe s on www.pauleyspups.com
Friendly staff

I enjoyed my visit today. All the staff are friendly and provided excellent customer service. I didn’t purchase a puppy today, but I will be going back very soon to pick out a new fur baby. The facility was cleaned and organized. They had so many cute fury babies to choose from and a great financing program. I am glad I took the trip to check out this place. I will definitely be going back real soon!!

by LeAnne Rawlings on www.pauleyspups.com

A friend told me about Pauley's Pups. On a whim I drove over one Saturday and found my little guy, Rocky. He is a Teddy Bear and just perfect. He has been the perfect addition to our family! I just adore him! He will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks. The staff at Pauley's listened to what kind of dog I wanted and then gave me lots of information (I was a first time small indoor dog owner).

by Sherri on www.pauleyspups.com
Lhasa Apso

Buddy will be 12 years old this year. He still acts like a puppy and has been in excellent health since the day I bought him from Pauley's Pups. I would definitely go here again for my next family member.

by Kathy on www.pauleyspups.com
Fun and Sweet Boy

I got my dog RJ (Rufus Jo) on March 1, 2016, and he's been one of our best dogs ever. He's smart and cute and so mischievous. I'm ever so glad I went to Pauley's that day. When I saw him, I knew he was mine. I would buy another dog from Pauley's.

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