Puppies for Sale

Puppies bring love, energy and companionship into your home from day one. As they grow, they develop their own personality, quirks and charms and work their way deep into your heart as inseparable companions. Pauley’s Pups pet store, serving Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the surrounding areas, offers some of the most healthy and adorable puppies for sale that are sure to become your new best friend.

You won’t believe how quickly you’ll fall in love with a dog when you bring your new companion home. At Pauley’s Pups in Ashland, VA, we offer a large selection of small and toy breed puppies. We would love to show you some of the puppies and dogs we have for sale in our store, and help you find one that would work best for your unique living situation.

At Pauley’s Pups, we carry an extensive selection of small and toy breed dogs. From Chihuahuas and Bichon Frises to Pekingeses and Pomeranian’s, there are so many different puppies and dogs to choose from. The key to finding the right one for you and your family is coming up with a list of requirements and then using that list to find a match. All puppies are adorable, but you want to find the one that has the right temperament and space requirements for your home.

We work only with trusted and certified breeders to find strong, beautiful and healthy puppies that represent the best aspects of each breed. Every puppy in our pet store is carefully selected and lovingly cared for until they find their forever homes.

We truly believe raising this new, adorable life should never drive anyone into bankruptcy. So, like with the rest of our dogs, Pauley’s Pups pet store makes sure these pups can be brought home for a low, affordable price. It’s the least we can do for our new dog owners. Also, for those looking to buy small dog breeds, be sure to check out our Ashland, VA location.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a puppy, and you probably have plenty of questions that you will want to ask before you make a decision. At Pauley’s Pups, we’ll make sure that you are 100 percent comfortable with your new pet and ready to welcome them into your home. We can speak with you about how to care for your new dog, and tell you about any potential pitfalls associated with specific breeds. We promise that you will have a great experience when you visit Pauley’s Pups, and quickly see why so many dog owners have been coming to us for over 20 years.

Want to check out the puppies and dogs we have for sale at Pauley’s Pups in Ashland, VA? Come see them for yourself or contact us at (804) 798-7877 to learn more.