Advice for Caring for Your Pug

A pug is a great choice for a family pet. Pugs adapt well to any lifestyle, they learn to love what their family loves, and they bond well with children. Many people adore pugs for their endearing faces and cute pooch noises, but they also make great companions for coping with stress or healing ailments. Pugs exude so much love; you’ll never question your decision to buy or adopt one.

Unique Features
• Their adorable, comical faces come from a long history of breeders attempting to add more wrinkles to the pug’s faces. This adds a charming, silly look to their faces; the look we all know and love.

• However, because of their smushed-in faces and small snouts, they can sometimes have breathing problems in heat. For the most part, they’re just as healthy as other dogs; you just have to give them breaks and water as needed.

• Another lovable feature is their “toy dog” tail, which curls upward. Ideal tails will curl up twice, almost like a small piggy tail.

Caring Tips
• Go for a harness that runs across the chest, and don’t opt for a collar. Pugs have very small and sensitive eyes, so a collar pulling on the neck could hurt the pooch.

• Don’t bathe your pal too often, or he will get dandruff. Opt for a brush-on or dry shampoo, and use oatmeal bath products when it is time to bathe.

• Clean your pug’s face daily. We mean it… daily! Those little wrinkles won’t be so cute when they host infection-causing bacteria!

What to Buy?
Boots & Barkley Reflective Dog Harness (Available at Target)
Pet Head – Dry Shampoo with a Blueberry Muffin Fragrance (From Bed Head- TIGI) d
Durable Toys for Powerful Chewers (Kong toys, available most stores)