Crate Training Your Pauly’s Pup

There are many instances where it will be necessary to crate your new puppy, but how do you do that so that it is a pleasant experience for both?

Dogs instinctually seek out a den, a place where they feel safe and can relax-their home inside their home. You can use this when training your pup and ensure they are safe while you are out running errands.

The main reason many want to crate train their dogs is to help with housetraining, dogs do not like to make a mess in their crate. It also helps the dogs learn to set boundaries.

–Be sure to make the crate comfortable. This way they will want to be in the crate and can be comfortable laying in it.

–It might help to make the crate more appealing by putting in their favorite toys.

–Encourage good crate behavior by supplying treats when they enter by themselves or have a good crate session.

–When you are first introducing your pup to his or her crate, make sure to do so in a high traffic area, where they can see you. You do not want the dog to associate the crate with being alone and abandoned.

–Make sure to build up the time in the crate- so that your puppy isn’t suddenly in there for hours on end.

–Did we mention that you should be praising your pup? Make sure to do this even as time goes on, as your puppy looks to your for clues.

–Unless you catch the puppy in the act of having an accident, don’t punish them. Especially when they are young, accidents are bound to happen, and there will be plenty of time for practice!

This new addition to your home will bring you a lot of joy and happiness, but this stage is important to make your relationship with your pup that much more enjoyable.