How to Care for a Maltese in the Winter

When you adopt a Maltese puppy, you want to keep them happy and healthy all year long. Yet, the wintertime poses specific challenges for both Maltese and Maltese owners. Just as we have to take steps to protect ourselves from the frigid cold, so too do our Maltese dogs. Here, we discuss some of the best practices for caring for your Maltese in the winter.

Skin and Coat Care

As anyone with skin issues knows, winter air is especially dry. Since Maltese dogs have silky hair, they often struggle with itchy skin and a dry coat. As a result, you’ll need to take extra special care of your Maltese’s coat and skin during the winter months. You can do this by giving them a bath every 3 weeks. Doing so will get rid of an excess body oils and provide extra moisture for their skin and coat. You’ll want to avoid products that include parabens, sulfates, chemical preservatives, artificial perfumes, and other ingredients that could dry out their skin. Instead, opt for organic products with ingredients such as aloe, tree tea oil, or oatmeal.

Keep your home humidity levels higher

As we said before, winter air contains little moisture, drying out our pets’ skin and coat. However, the dry air can also cause irritation in their nasal passages, throat, and lungs. To prevent this, increase your home’s humidity to 40%.

Exercise them

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should skip your daily exercise routine. Your Maltese needs exercise just as much as you do. However, you should take steps to protect your pup (and yourself) from the winter cold. Get them used to wearing booties and a sweater to prevent them from getting too cold out on your walks. Never take them outside when it’s below freezing or in inclement weather. If the weather is bad, turn to indoor activities such as tug-of-war or fetch. You could also invest in a dog treadmill to keep your pup active even during bad weather.

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