Keeping Your Pauley’s Pup Warm in the Winter Weather

The past few weeks have put many people, all across the country, through some very frigid winter weather. Of course us humans dread going outside when the temperature dips too low. But we tend to forget that our dogs and puppies can get cold as well. In fact, extremely cold temperatures can be very dangerous for your four-legged friend. Here are a few tips for keeping your puppy warm:

Dress Them Up

Dogs can get frostbite just like human, and if they’re outside for an extended period of time, consider them at risk. The paws are the first body part you should check when they come inside from the cold. If you notice irritation, consider providing your dog with some booties, or a bit of paw protectant. For shorthaired dogs, don’t be afraid to strap on a sweater, even if your dog is a bit resistant at first.

Feed Them Right

The more time your dog spends outside, the more food they’ll need for energy to stay warm. We’re not telling you to fatten your dog up for the winter, but a hungry, cold dog is even worse than one that’s just cold. On the other hand, keep an eye on the snow they’re eating, and make sure it’s free of anti-freeze and other harmful substances.

Groom Them Right

If you regularly groom your Pauley’s Pup, you should consider changing their look to allow for extra protection in the winter. Sure, dogs are built to be better protected from the elements than us humans. But you could be cutting all that natural protection off with every haircut.

Monitor Heat Sources

When your dog is too cold, it only makes sense that they’ll be attracted to sources of heat. Make sure that fireplaces and space heaters are covered to prevent your pup from being burned. Also, when you go for a drive, check the area surrounding your car to make sure they haven’t curled up next to your warming engine.

Secure Those Tags

A layer of fresh snow blanketing the ground can confuse a dog, making it more difficult for them to find their way home if they lead themselves astray. Cold temperatures can also dampen smells, making it hard for them to smell their way home. The winter is a more important time than ever to make sure that your dog is properly identified so that it can be returned to its home if something goes wrong.

Keep Them Inside

Whatever you do to protect your Pauley’s Pup, keep an eye on the clock, and more importantly, how your dog seems to be handling the cold. Only leave them outside for as long as they need to be.

For more tips on caring for you dog or puppy, or to introduce a brand new canine member to your family, contact Pauley’s Pups, small breed pet store in Ashland, VA.