How to Prepare Your Dog for Their First Grooming Visit

Grooming is an important part of caring for your dog. That way, they can look and feel their best. But a visit to the groomer’s includes more than just a good bath. The groomer can also clip your dog’s nails, exfoliate his skin, brush his teeth and trim or shave his hair. For some dogs, this can be frightening, especially if they’re not good around strangers.

Thankfully, you can help reduce your dog’s anxiety by helping them prepare for their first grooming visit. Here’s how:

Practice makes perfect

If you groom your dog regularly at home, then they won’t be as nervous when they get to the groomer’s. After all, practice makes perfect, and the more times your dog goes through the grooming routine, the less scared they will be. When you groom your dog, make sure to brush and bathe them, followed by a treat. Touch your dog in all the areas a groomer would: head, belly, paws, etc. Don’t view it as a chore—it’s an important bonding opportunity.

Drop-off time

A visit to the groomer’s shouldn’t be the first time you drop off your dog in someone else’s care. Try dropping him off for an hour or two at a friend’s or with a sitter, so he won’t be so nervous when you take him to be groomed. Give him a pat on the head and say “see you later” with confidence. If you’re nervous, your dog will pick up on it. You can also try bringing the dog to the groomer’s before their scheduled appointment so that they can get used to their surroundings. Just check with your groomer to make sure this is alright with them.

Make it fun

After your dog’s first grooming visit, give them a reward so that they associate the groomer’s with the reward. This will ensure that they will get less nervous over time. Give them a treat, like a big bone, or buy them a new toy to play with.

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