The Puffy Pomeranian

Of all the small dog breeds, if you are looking for a small, curious and active pup, the Pomeranian is the dog for you. 

Known for being playful and self-confident, Pomeranians live each day to the fullest. Their foxlike expression combined with their small, rounded body always turns heads, as does their puffy double coat and pointed ears. You can’t miss a little Pomeranian strutting around!

A relatively easy to dog to train, a Pomeranian is very playful and full of energy, but requires little exercise. While they are not the most protective dog, they do have great abilities in being watchdogs. Pomeranians are somewhat affectionate and shy with new people, but they do get along with other pets.

As far as grooming goes, because they have a double coat of fur, brush your Pomeranian at least twice a week and more often when they are shedding.