The Chipper Chihuahua

When thinking of Chihuahuas, two common references undoubtedly come to mind. One is courtesy of Taco Bell, with the famous Chihuahua mascot exclaiming, “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” The other is the image of a tiny Chihuahua tucked in the purses of posh female celebrities, going everywhere their famous owner goes. While Chihuahuas don’t necessarily want to eat at Taco Bell or be stuffed into Paris Hilton’s purse, these stereotypes aren’t entirely unfounded.

For one, Chihuahuas actually do come from Mexico (while Taco Bell actually does not). In fact, the dog breed borrows its name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua and shows up in Native American artifacts discovered across the country.  It’s believed that the Chihuahua was brought to Europe sometime in the late 1800’s after a long history in the Mexican region. It shouldn’t surprise new Chihuahua owners, then, that the dogs hate the cold and thrive in warmer climates.

As for Paris Hilton, she’s far from being the first person to use the Chihuahua as a symbol of high class and wealth. They’ve been popular with the upper class for well over a thousand years. Moreover, one reason why Chihuahuas make great “pocket pets” is the fierce loyalty they show towards their owner. In fact, they’re usually happy to go everywhere their owner does. When in the company of strangers, Chihuahua’s tend to cling to their owner’s side.

The notion that Chihuahua’s are an especially hyperactive breed is also quite accurate. They have a high metabolism that contributes to a great deal of indoor exercise. New owners should keep in mind that daily walks are still encouraged to stimulate mental curiosity and satisfy the exploratory instinct in the dog. Even though they are very small dogs, they should be trained just as a larger dog is. This prevents the effects of “small dog syndrome”, in which a Chihuahua owner allows normally unacceptable behavior because of the small size of their dog.

While it’s important to do the proper research to find out if a Chihuahua is really a good fit for your lifestyle, new puppy owners will be pleased to find that many of the Chihuahua’s endearing stereotypes are actually true. Pauley’s Pups specializes in small dog breeds like Chihuahuas, and works hard to provide perfect canine companions to the right owners.