The Lion of Dog Breeds

According to Animal Planet, tales say the Pekingese is a product of a lion that fell in love with a monkey. While it does have both lion and monkey characteristics, it tends to display more lion characteristics, at least in our opinion.

Physically, the Pekingese has a massive, flat head with a smushed face. Donning two layers of fur, the first is a long, straight and coarse layer, while the second layer is soft and fluffy. The Pekingese breed seems to sweep around on their short, bowed legs, not meant for running. This is just one reason that Pekingese puppies and dogs don’t require much space to play around; in fact, they are more of a lap dog.

If you are looking for a quiet, mellow dog, the Pekingese may not be for you. Characterized as bold, independent, and courageous, this breed is a large dog in a small body, which also happens to love to be petted. The small breed is a great family pet, although it is not great with children, as they like to be the center of attention and they are not easy to train.

When it comes to the grooming of a Pekingese, they need to be shampooed regularly, brushed daily, and their eyes and wrinkles need to be kept clean. If not, in just one week, they will look like a matted dog.

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