Tips for Naming Your New Puppy

As a new fur mom or dad, the most important first step is to name your new puppy.  The name can come immediately once you see them, or you may try out a name or two once you get them home and see if they seem to fit one better than the other.


There is some advice for picking a name that we would like to point out.


Be comfortable yelling out the name in the backyard or at the park.  If the name you choose closely resembles an “inappropriate term” that can be easily misheard, that may not be the right name for you.


Pick a one or two syllable name. Anything longer than that your dog may have trouble catching onto, and it is tough saying a multiple syllable name over and over as well.


Explore a number of dog names before settling on your top two or three.  If you have kids that want to be involved in the naming process, turn it into a family event.  They will be the ones taking care of the dog with you.


If you come across a few names, but cannot fall in love with one, try mixing the names together to create something unique.  For example if you like Max and Bailey why not name your puppy a blend of both?


You can also use your puppy’s size, coat color or personality to name them as well.  If they have a brown coat, try Coco; or if they always have a big smile on their face, try Happy.


Whatever you choose to name your puppy, make sure that you and your family love it.  You will be saying it every day for the next ten plus years.