Tips for Naming Your New Puppy

You’ve brought home your new best friend and now it’s time to name your puppy. Where do you start? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a name for the new addition to your family!

Try to avoid popular names – Duke, Bella, Sparky; these are all typical, generic names for your canine. Pick something that will set your dog a part from the others. Besides, could you imagine all the dogs that could come running when you call your pup at the vet?

Short and sweet – Keep the name short, about two syllables. Short names grab the puppy’s attention, allowing them to be trained easier and quicker. Long names have multiple sounds and are incomprehensible to dogs.

“Hard” consonants – Choosing a name with a hard, crisp consonant like a “k” or a “c” is a sound that canines will respond to quickly. Dogs are able to hear higher frequencies that humans cannot. A name with a sound like this will ensure your puppy is able to distinguish the difference between you calling its name and other white noise.

Avoid confusion – We advise avoiding names that can be confused with commands. Names that are too similar to the common commands such as “come,” “stay,” “bad,” and “no” could lead your furry friend to believe he is being reprimanded, instead of calling his attention.

Human names… just say “no” – Refrain from naming your puppy a name meant for humans. While we consider our pets to be part of the family and “one of us” – they are still animals.

The name will come after engaging with your new pet. An aspect of its personality or appearance will shine through and give you an idea for a name. When it does, try it out for a few days. You’ll know when you have the perfect fit!