Top 3 Tips for Walking Your Dog During the Winter

We all understand how important it is for our dogs to get their daily walks in. But what do you do in the wintertime? Keeping up your dog’s walking routine even in the colder months is vital to their health. Nevertheless, you and your dog need to stay safe and warm while doing so. Here are some tips on how to walk your dog during the winter:

Protect your dog’s paws

Snow, ice, salt, and other irritants are all scattered on the ground during the wintertime. Protect your dog’s paws by getting dog booties or rubber boots. If this is your dog’s first time wearing booties, there will be an adjustment period. Have training sessions before winter starts to ensure that your dog will tolerate wearing booties on their walks.

For smaller breeds, grab a coat or sweater

Unlike humans, not all dogs need to wear a coat when it’s cold out. Many of them are large enough with thick enough fur to withstand the frigid temperatures. However, some dogs that need extra protection, specifically small dogs. If you own a small dog, make sure you get a proper coat or sweater for them to wear on their winter walks.

Keep the walks short

Even if you and your dogs are all bundled up, it’s best to keep winter walks short. Stick to ten or twenty minutes and keep an eye out for any signs of hypothermia. Only walk when it’s sunny out, and never when it’s snowing.

At Pauley’s Pups, we want all dogs to have a safe and happy winter. For more tips, read through our blog or contact us today!