5 Tricks to Teach Your Pup- And How!

There are many tricks that we wind up teaching to our dogs, and for various reasons. Whether it is for training or to spend some quality time with your puppy, here are some tips on achieving the basics.

The Sit Command

The first thing you want to do is get your dog its favorite treats. The smaller the better because pairing these sessions with lots of biting can spark aggression. Hold out the treat so they can smell it but not eat it.

With the treat firmly in your grip, hold it near his nose and tell him to sit. At first, you may need to tell them what to do- give his back-end a nudge and gently push down his hips area. Repeat these steps so that they associate the praise with that action. Once the dog does it on a regular basis, stop giving the dog the treats.

The Down Command

Again, use treats and verbal communication.

Once you were successful with the sitting, have them do so. Once your dog is sitting, have a treat ready and hold it ward the floor, so they would have to lie down in order to get it. In a clear voice, say “down” or “lie down” or “lie.”

If needed, gently sweep the front paws forward in order to make them lie down. Give them a treat and verbally praise them once they lay down. Continue to do this until you can wean them off the treats.

The Roll Over Command

This is one to try after the dog has mastered the down command. Show them the treat, and have them lay down. Say roll over, bend down to the floor, and do slow circles with the hand that has the treat.

For the first couple of tries, you will most likely have to help the dog physically roll over. Pairing the physical movement with the verbal commands will help them better understand what you’re looking for in the future.

The Stay Command

Have your dog sit and have a second person hold them by the leash/collar. Have them be in heel position (the dog facing the same way you are, their shoulder lined up with your hip area).

Put your hand about 3 inches away from the dog’s face and tell them to stay. Walk about 6 feet away and then turn to face the dog. Start off by only standing there for a few seconds, and then gradually build up.

Walk around the dog (starting on the dogs left) end by being in the heel position. Do this repeatedly. Then praise them for staying!

The Shake Command

Have the dog sit. Firmly grab their paw and shake it.

Say the command shake, and give them a treat. Doing all these things at the same time will not only help train them, but it will make them more interested in wanting to shake.

Whenever they do it on their own without you having to guide them, give them lots of praise.


These tricks and commands will take some time, but being consistent in pairing the actions with praises and treats will make the process smoother and fun for both of you!