How to Keep Your Dog Inside Your Yard

When you adopt a new dog into your family, there are a lot of unexpected situations that might pop up. One of those unexpected situations may be your dog escaping from your backyard. It’s not uncommon, but it can be serious if your dog strays too far from home. Here we detail how you can keep your dog safe and inside your own backyard:

Why are they escaping?

Understanding why your dog is escaping the yard will get you one stop closer to preventing it. Typically, there are two reasons why they might leave the yard:

  • They’re scared: Something in the yard may have frightened them, causing your dog to run off.
  • They’re interested in something outside the yard: Whether it be a rabbit, a toy, or a person, your dog may escape if they see something beyond the face that catches their interest.

Ways to keep them inside

So, how can you keep your dog from escaping your yard? Thankfully, there are a few ways of doing so:

  • Always supervise them while they’re outside in the yard, never leaving them alone
  • Create a fun and interesting environment to distract them from what’s happening outside the yard
  • Install a solid fence and patch up any gaps
  • Reward them when they go out and return
  • Give them enough space to run around

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