The Advantages of Toy Dog Breeds

When people decide they want to adopt a dog, toy breeds are, unfortunately, not very high on the list. However, there are many advantages to owning a toy dog breed. Cheerful and energetic, these small dogs can brighten up any home. Here’s how:

You can cuddle with them

We all love cuddling with our four-legged friends, but cuddling a big Labrador can get a little uncomfortable. Not so with a toy dog. They can cuddle up beside you or curl up on your lap without you feeling like you’ve got a hundred-pound weight on top of you.

They’re easy to bathe

If a larger dog gets into a puddle of mud, they can be a real headache to clean. You often have to send them to a groomer just to get them clean again. A small dog, however, is much easier to manage—just plop them in the tub and get them clean in a manner of minutes.

You can take them practically anywhere

Public places often have restrictions on large dogs, while small dogs are more welcome. This is because they’re less threatening to people and easier to manage if they get too hyper or out of control. It’ll also be easier to get your small dog in the car with you if you plan on taking a long trip.

They tend to live longer than larger dogs

You want your lovable companion to be with you for as long as possible; that’s why small dogs may be a better choice than larger ones. A small dog can live an average of 15 to 20 years. Larger dogs, however, tend to live between 10 and 15 years. This is because large breeds grow at an accelerated rate, increasing the likelihood of abnormal cell growth.

So, have we convinced you of the advantages of adopting a toy dog breed? If so, then check out some of the toy dog breeds we have here at Pauley’s Pups today!