What to Do if Your Pup Hates Storms

Spring is right around the corner and for new dog owners, they are thinking about how much dirt is going to get tracked into their homes. But, what they should be worried about is their dog’s reaction to the impending storms.

Some dogs become extremely fearful of the storms and have increased anxiety. The reason is unknown, some think it is due to the drop in pressure and others believe they can smell the change in the air and become fearful, but whatever you reason it is heartbreaking to see your normally active and calm dog cowering in the corner.

The first thing you should do is train your pet to cope and be calm before the storm comes. To do this you need to train them they will be rewarded when they behave and not when they act out.

Start by teaching them to lay at your feet and stay calm, rewarding them with treats. Then constantly integrate this into daily behavior. When the storm comes and your pet starts acting up tell them to come to your feet and be calm, then when they are calm reward them with a treat. Continue rewarding so they know this is acceptable behavior.

Snug shirts are another thing you can do to help keep your pet calm. These are sold by various companies and are designed to snuggly fit your dog and provide a calm effect on them. It is almost the same concept as swaddling a baby. Some people swear by these shirts and others simply do not see their value. Try it with your pet and if it helps- it stays!

When in doubt ask your veterinarian for advice, they have years of experience and they would like to help your dog live a normal, healthy happy life. If the symptoms become extreme they may even want to prescribe a medicine for your furry companion.