How Much Exercise Do Small Dogs Need?

Every veterinarian will tell you that regular exercise is crucial for the overall health of your small dog. But how much exercise do they actually need? The answer varies depending on the dog’s age, breed, and other characteristics.


Different breeds have different energy levels. This means that while some dogs are content with a leisurely walk around the block, others require something more active and intense. Some small dogs such as Maltese or Chihuahuas don’t need much physical activity. However, others such as Pomeranians require a bit more. Do your research to determine your dog’s energy levels.


The size of your dog will also impact how much or how little exercise they need. Bigger dogs will need more exercise, while smaller dogs can get by on less. If you own a small dog, then you likely won’t have to exercise them as much as you would with a big dog.


Finally, one of the biggest factors to how much exercise your small dog needs is their age. Older dogs slow down, and they don’t need nor can they handle as much exercise as their younger selves. Even if you have a more energetic breed, you will likely be cutting back how much exercise time they get as they age. To make sure you’re not overworking your senior dog, keep an eye on them as you’re out for your daily walks, and consult your veterinarian for the best course of action.

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