3 Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Dog

Many Americans are discovering the joys of adopting a dog into their family. And while we at Pauley’s Pups believe that every family deserves a lovable, canine friend, it is important to know whether or not you’re ready for this new family member.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself and your family before adopting a dog:

What does my family think about adopting a dog? 

You won’t be the only one living with your new dog. The rest of your family will also be responsible for taking care of them, and if you have a few family members who are uncertain about this new addition, you should talk to them before making any plans. Even if you live alone, you will likely rely on your family to take care of your dog while you’re away. Making sure that everyone is comfortable with the idea of a four-legged friend in the family is the first step to ensure that your new dog is welcomed. 

Am I ready for the responsibility? 

Not only should you ask your family if they’re ready, but you should ask yourself too. Think about your day-to-day life and see if it has room to allow you to properly care for your dog. Will you be able to train them? Can you ensure that your house stays clean and safe? Will you have time to take them for walks or to give them proper attention? These are all questions that should be asked before heading to nearest pet store. 

How dog-friendly is my environment? 

Small dogs don’t need as much space as big dogs, but they nevertheless need some room to run around and play. At the very least they’ll need a good walking route for them to go outside and stretch their legs. They’ll also need a vet nearby that they can go to in case any accidents arise.  

If you believe that you’re ready to adopt a dog of your own, then don’t wait. Call Pauley’s Pups to learn more about our available puppies today!